Starting calligraphy


If you want to begin a fulfilling art form without obstacles, in which results appear with practice over time, take up calligraphy.

Don't spend much money on it until you are sure that you want to continue. Initial costs are low: a fountain pen, ink and paper.

It is great if you work in graphic design or typography, or even if you just like letters and writing. If you use a fountain pen, calligraphy will help you improve.

It's great for spending a few hours at home escaping from the world outside

Try new styles of writing, different colours and textures, and new tools, focusing on achieving that difficult 'E' and drawing an 'S' more beautiful than the previous one.

There are many places that can help you to get going

Schools in your city, online or correspondence courses, friendship groups, etc. Find one that best suits your lifestyle and availability. Buy a lined notebook and keep it at hand so you can practise a page per day.

In the section "Calligraphy Links" on this website, you can find some trustworthy places where you can get started.

There is an extensive range of offers online, but be careful when choosing a teacher

Excellent calligraphy courses are available at a great Furthermore, enrolling on courses gives you unlimited access to videos and resources. The calligraphers in our group are enrolled on at least one Domestika course, which is highly recommended.

The go-to website in English, is that of the association, which offers a whole range of free resources for calligraphy enthusiast: printable templates, resource comparisons, excellent videos, etc. It offers a huge range of things at the highest quality.

Calligraphy is well suited to intensive, short-term courses

On short-term courses, you can learn techniques over a weekend that can be subsequently improved with practice. That is why five years ago Madrid Caligrafía started to organise intensive weekend workshops in the capital.

To date, over 200 students have learned their craft in workshops taken by national and international artists who have come to visit us.